Must Know Questions for Data Science and ML Interviews

Santiago Valdarrama — @svpino

1. Explain the difference between Supervised and Unsupervised methods.

  • Example: If we’re building a classifier to tell if an animal is a cat…

College Dropout to VMware Data Analyst

Job Search Stats:

2x Your Reading Speed in 60 Seconds

Tip 1: Use Your Peripherals

(The Lone Genius Is Dead)

Here are 3 pieces of internet I found this week
that made me happier, smarter, or more creative.

I. Genius v.s Scenius
(The Lone Genius Is Dead)

Filtering spam with Multinomial Naive Bayes (From Scratch)

What can we do to save ourselves from spam???

Naive Bayes Classifiers

Research Question:

Jack Ross

Data Analyst @ VMware, snowboarder, skater, YouTuber, coffee lover, and useless robot designer. KEEP SEARCHING. ❤

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