I Hacked My Brain to Beat Procrastination: Here’s How

The System for Learning Difficult Things Quickly

Jack Ross
6 min readDec 15, 2021

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My entire childhood I was notoriously bad at getting things done on time. Whether it was homework, a side project, or even doing my laundry, I just couldn’t seem to get things done when I needed to, even if they were important.

But I knew that to get where I wanted in life, I would have to learn how to beat procrastination and do the things I needed to do, the difficult things, quickly.

If you’d prefer to watch the video instead:

“The ability to quickly master hard things and the ability to produce on an elite level, in terms of quality and speed, are two core abilities for thriving in today’s economy.”

Just like that quote, my first few hacks come from the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. There is a lot of hype around this book in the personal development space and for good reason. I use these techniques to learn difficult things quickly and



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